BOLD Environmental is a Architectural & Green Building design, consultancy firm with an aim to give efficient solutions and services in the field of sustainable development. At our core, is sound knowledge of sustainable architecture & planning and the motivation to create healthier built environments. We strongly believe in a holistic approach towards built environment. Our team brings interdisciplinary knowledge to the table reinforced by an iterative, and a collaborative design process. Thus, successfully integrating the multifaceted concepts of sustainable architecture.

We provide a new mind-sets and innovative attitude towards design development which helps in achieving green building rating & certification. Our expertise in building performance analysis, modelling and simulation is an essential skill in supporting the Green Building Design as well as Certifications process. These include environmental management plan; energy analysis/simulation; daylight and artificial lighting simulation and analysis; night light pollution analysis; solar insolation analysis for PV placement; shadow analysis and much more.

We are also in continuous interaction with academic institutions and close association with different programmes to enhance our knowledge base on sustainability and its integration with architecture and planning.

Green Vision

BOLD Environmental is known as a green firm –  but green is not the tail that wags the dog.  Our design motivation is to provide more (daylight, health, appeal, connection) and use less (energy, natural resources, toxicity, maintenance).  The challenge of authentic sustainability never gets old as we combine climate-responsive, community-oriented, and sensorially-compelling design strategies that have evolved over thousands of years with the latest methods and technologies.


Ar. Parikshit Mudholkar

Director, BOLD Environmental
B. Arch, M. Arch (Environmental)
Member of IGBC Vidarbha chapter and IIA Nagpur Chapter.
Parikshit is an architect, environmental designer, professor and an author of research papers on the practice of Environmental design and management .

He has been in the field of Architecture, Environmental design and Green buildings for the past 4 years. He efficiently handles the consulting work, designing as well as certifications at various locations for highly prestigious clients.

A post graduate from Pune University, he has also worked as a Junior Energy Auditor at Vke-environmental, Pune. He is actively engaged in understanding and transforming sustainable design and planning practices to make them more efficient as well as effective in improving the quality of built environment and life.

He was among the first few to get qualified as Indian Green Building Council Accredited Professional (IGBC AP) and GRIHA Certified Professionals (GRIHA CP) in Nagpur.

  • Sustainable architecture award , Pune – 2016
  • 2nd runner up at national level in “Earthquake Resistance building workshop” held at IIT Kanpur for Best Township design at 4th seismic zone of India - 2014
  • Ar. Mayuresh Deshmukh

    Landscape Architect, BOLD Environmental
    B. Arch, M. Arch (Landscape)
    Member of COA, IIA, IIID, ISOLA
    Mayuresh has been in the field of Architecture, Interior, Landscape and planning for the past 4 years, doing consulting work, designing for various level organizations as well as handling private and government projects.

    He is a graduate and post graduate from Pune University, He has also worked as a Landscape Architect at Life Landscape studio, Pune.

    He is also an academician and teaches graduate program in Architecture and Landscape Architecture. He has been associated with landscape design projects for corporate houses, resorts, school campuses, commercial and residential buildings.

    He is a member of various boards and organizations at national and local level in areas of Architrecture, Interior and Landscape Architecture.


    • Green Buildings

      Green Building gets more Incentive, Extra FSI & Rebate

      Sustainable Built Environment & Green Buildings
      • Green building certifications
      • Environmental clearance for construction projects
      • Land suitability & ecological assessment
      • Environmental design for thermal, visual comfort & facade design
      • Carbon footprint analysis and audit
      • Net zero & low carbon development
      • Building materials & technology selection analysis
      Energy & Resource Management
      • Energy auditing (BEE Certified)
      • ECBC compliance
      • Feasibility studies for renewable energy integration
      • Renewable energy design
      • Water/energy auditing
      • Indoor environmental quality auditing
      • Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis
    • Environmental Clearances

      Environmental Clearances benefits developers by systematic planning in the pre-construction, construction and operational phases of the projects.

      The environmental clearances and services made mandatory by MOEF - EC and State EC add value by improving the comfort and benefits within the project.

      Opportunity for the developer to closely examine project by experts in the committee and improve the project.
    • Architecture

      We offer high quality Architectural design solutions for various building typologies. Our creative building design solutions are based on principles of sustainability and climatic context of the region helps to improve the performance of building.

      What makes us different from the crowd is the practice of creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstruction.
    • Interior Design

      We have generous experience of working on many interior projects. Our remarkable approach depends on a green and healthy theme that often emerges from in-depth research and understanding of the subject portraying a fascinating story.
    • Landscape

      We believe in a continuous process of design and experiment in landscape projects.

      Our attempt is to create environment meaningful, culture, nature and site responsive which can improve the quality of life.

      Good design to us is a source of inspiration & we also try our best that it is the same for the users/our client.
    • Urban Planning and Design

      We design, plan and redevelop urban areas to suit the cultural, economical and environmental needs. We work on master planning and urban design projects to create sustainable environments.


    Our Work

    Institute of commerce Pune
    Proposed neighborhood City
    Interior of CA office
    3 star rated Indira School
    Savali Rehab center Pune
    Proposal to Ajni Railway Station
    Savali Rehabilitation Centre, Aundh Pune
    4 star rated multispecialty hospital satara road pune
    civic center at Nagpur
    4 star rated Apartment
    back garden of bungalow Nagpur
    4 star rated multispecialty hospital satara road pune
    4 star rated multispecialty hospital satara road pune
    3 star rated Office building
    3 star rated multispecialty hospital satara road pune
    4 star rated multispecialty hospital satara road pune
    4 star rated multispecialty hospital satara road pune
    4 star rated Apartment
    4 star rated multispecialty hospital satara road pune
    Motel Amravati Road
    Motel Amravati Road
    Savali Rehab center Pune
    Community hall Nagpur
    Multispecialty Hospital Pune


    Address –
    'Mahalaxmi', Plot No. 5,
    Santaji Colony, Narendra Nagar,
    Nagpur – 440 015
    Email - pmudholkar@envbold.studio
    Phone - +91 8928 376 280